Domestic recourse factoring

Financing of domestic receivables


If you are limited by waiting for money for delivered services or goods, UniCredit Factoring is a suitable solution for the financing of receivables from your customers. This will not only accelerate your cash flow, but also simplify your paperwork.

After the delivery of goods or services, you will assign the receivables to UniCredit Factoring and we will immediately send you the pre-financing. The standard amount of pre-financing is 90 % of the nominal value of the receivable (including VAT). You will be paid the remainder once the invoice is paid by the customer. If the customer fails to pay the invoice within the specified time-limit, you will return the pre-financing to us and we will assign your receivable back to you.

The service includes professional management of receivables, their recovery and collection. Besides the financing of receivables, it is also possible to protect them against unwillingness and inability to pay.

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