Export non-recourse factoring

Financing and securing of export receivables


Do you export your goods or services abroad? Are you familiar with the uncertainty as to whether a customer is sufficiently solvent and whether you will get duly paid? Are you limited by the postponed maturity provided to a customer?

UniCredit Factoring will check the creditworthiness of the customer for you before you start trading. As regards assigned receivables, you can draw on the financing immediately, without waiting for them to fall due. If the customer fails to pay the receivable, you will receive a guarantee from the factor.

We offer various types of security, depending on the country you export to. In OECD countries and other select countries where the risk of customers’ unwillingness or inability to pay is covered by commercial insurance companies, we offer direct non-recourse factoring. In other countries, we use partners within the worldwide Factors Chain International network and provide export two-factor factoring.

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