Domestic non-recourse factoring

Financing and securing of domestic receivables


Is your business hindered by the long maturity of your receivables from domestic customers and do you want to make sure they are paid? Does your company’s work capacity depend on constantly reminding your customers of payments?

We will first check the creditworthiness of your domestic customer and inform you of the amount up to which we will assume the risk that they will not pay your invoices due to their unwillingness or inability to pay. You deliver the goods or services, issue an invoice and forward it to UniCredit Factoring. You can immediately draw on the financing for the assigned invoices, usually in the amount of 85 % of their value. If the customer fails to pay the invoice for your goods or services, we will pay you a guarantee, usually in the amount of 90 % of the receivable’s value.

UniCredit Factoring finances, manages, recovers and collects the assigned receivables.

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