Sales Ledger Management

Management and collection of receivables represents a complex service suitable for clients who want to fully focus on their core business activities and thus decide to transfer management of receivables to UniCredit Factoring. We use all standard tools for communication with customers and respect principles of business relationships between supplier and its customers. Management of your company's sales ledger will be proper and highly effective and will save you time and real costs.  


How does it work? 

Receivables are assigned to UniCredit Factoring, where we ensure their professional management including phone and written reminders of outstanding payments. In case of export receivables the language skills of our employees are also an advantage.

Based on our experience the payment discipline of customers improves after introduction of professional receivables management resulting in reduction of your company's personnel and administrative costs.


Service conditions  

Provision of Sales ledger management is conditioned by conclusion of a Factoring Agreement.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact our sales representative. In case you are not sure whether sales ledger management is an appropriate solution for your company, please complete the factoring test to find out.