On-line factoring

We know that time is money… To ensure speed and reduce administrative burden of financing, we offer our clients maximum utilization of electronic communication.


Electronic data transfer system (EDT)

EDT is an electronic system for transferring data. You can simply upload receivables that you want to assign to our company from your accounting directly to our system. In comparison to manual transfer of receivables EDT is faster and more efficient.



With e-Saldo you gain an online access to your factoring account which will enable you to improve your company's cash-flow planning. Just click on the eSaldo button on the menu bar, enter your name and password and you have a 24/7 access to e.g. following information:

  • Current status of receivables
  • Current limits of individual customers and their drawing
  • Available amount of pre-financing
  • Customers’ payment track record


Frequently asked questions

How much does EDT cost?

We don’t charge any fees for the option to transfer data electronically.


How much does eSaldo cost?

We charge 500 CZK per month for the e-Saldo service.


How can I learn more about the e-Saldo service?

At the begining of cooperation all our clients are trained to use e-Saldo by our employees.