Credit Cover

Credit cover protects your receivables against customers' unwillingness or inability to pay. Assign your domestic or export receivables before maturity to our company in order to reduce your credit risk and avoid losses from unpaid debts. We will ensure proper credit cover and settlement of your receivables. 


Credit cover is based on assignment of domestic or export receivables. The service includes insurance of receivables against customers’ unwillingness or inability to pay (insolvency, bankruptcy) and professional management and collection of receivables.


Receivables insurance is suitable for clients who want to reduce their credit risk, as well as for clients who want to outsource receivables management in order to increase efficiency in terms of time saving and reduction of administrative and personnel costs. 

If you are interested in our offer, please contact our sales representative. In case you are not sure whether credit cover is an appropriate solution for your company, please complete the factoring test to find out.